New Orde Cabinet II

Third Development Cabinet

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The Third Development Cabinet (IndonesianKabinet Pembangunan III) was the Indonesian Cabinet which served under President Suharto and Vice President Adam Malik. The Cabinet was formed after Suharto was elected to a third term as president by the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR).

The Seven Cabinet Aims

  • The establishment of an environment and a situation which will ensure social justice for the people through the equity of Development and its results.
  • The accomplishment of high economic growth.
  • The consolidation of an ever stronger National Stability.
  • The creation of a clean and legitimate State Apparatus.
  • The continuing development of a stronger national unity and oneness with the Guide to Learn and Apply Pancasila (P4) as its foundation.
  • The holding of a direct, universal, free, and secret Legislative Election with the aim of strengthening Pancasila Democracy.
  • Further developing a free and active foreign policy for the sake of National Interest and with the aim of strengthening National Resilienct
  • President and Vice President
  • President: Gen. (ret.) Suharto
  • Vice President: Adam Malik

Coordinating Ministers

  • Coordinating Minister of Politics and Security: Gen. (ret.) Maraden Panggabean
  • Coordinating Minister of Economics, Finance, and Industry/Chairman of the National Development Planning Body (BAPPENAS): Widjojo Nitisastro
  • Coordinating Minister of People’s Welfare: Gen. (ret.) Surono

Departmental Ministers

State Ministers

  • State Minister/State Secretary: Lt. Gen. Sudharmono
  • State Minister of Administrative Reform: JB Sumarlin
  • State Minister of Development Supervision and Environment: Emil Salim
  • State Minister of Research and Technology: BJ Habibie

Junior Ministers

Official With Ministerial Rank

  • Attorney General: Ali Said
  • Governor of the Central Bank: Rachmat Saleh
  • Commander of the Operational Command for the Restoration of Security and Order (KOPKAMTIB): Adm. Sudomo
  • KOPKAMTIB Chief of Staff: Maj. Gen. Daryatmo


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