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Back in January, before we introduced BlackBerry 10 to the world, I wrote a blog post about Five Reasons to Tune in for BlackBerry 10. I had been writing so much about BlackBerry 10 that I wanted to show you that I wasn’t alone, and that tech bloggers and media were already posting positive BlackBerry 10 reviews. Well, it’s time for an update. Now that more tech bloggers and media have a BlackBerry 10 device in their hands, I wanted to recap some of their great feedback on our new device and updated OS.

Here are some snippets from the tech blogosphere on BlackBerry 10 features:

1. “There’s no question here that BlackBerry knows just how important app selection is the future of its company, and as such, has been working overtime to make developers a key focus, with a hundred or so members of its evangelist team.”

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